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Who is Donna Kelce?

Just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, in the quaint community of Moreland Hills, Donna’s adventure started. She spent her early years there, encircled by the love of her family and the diverse fabric of Midwestern life. 

Donna was driven by her love of the media to pursue her goals at Ohio University in Athens, where she obtained her degree and immersed herself in the radio and television industries. Her insatiable curiosity did not end there, though. She persisted in her academic endeavors and eventually graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a master’s degree.

Alongside her academic accomplishments, Donna worked hard to establish a successful banking career in the thriving financial industry of northeast Ohio. She started another important adventure at this time, which was getting married to Ed, her previous husband.

Donna Kelce is a well-known American mother whose name has come to represent football excellence. Even while Donna may not be well-known outside of the sports world, her influence on the game is evident. Donna made headlines recently when her two kids faced off in the Super Bowl, becoming the proud mother who created history. Watching her boys play at the top level of professional football gave Donna a great sense of pride and delight. Donna is an ordinary person, but her love and support for her sons have made her famous and won her the respect of football fans everywhere.


Real NameDonna Kelce
Current Age72 (as of 2023)
Date of Birth9 October 1952
Place of BirthUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignLibra
CollegeOhio University
Baldwin Wallace University
ProfessionRetired banking employee
Famous ForBeing the mother of Travis and Jason Kelce

Where does Donna Kelce live?

Donna, who frequently appears in commercials with her sons, has starred in several advertisements for products ranging from Campbell’s Soup to the COVID-19 vaccine. Her involvement in these ads has given them a more intimate feel and highlighted the close relationship she has with her sons.

Donna recently relocated to the beautiful state of Florida from her hometown of Ohio, marking a major life transition. She is currently living in a comfortable condo close to Orlando and is enjoying the warm weather and lively neighborhood.

Donna’s ex-husband Ed has also started a new chapter in his life at this time. He moved from northeast Ohio as well, and he now lives close to Philadelphia, forging his own way in a new part of the nation.

Donna Kelce Still Married?

Donna Kelce and her husband Ed Kelce, whom she adored, settled down in Orlando, Florida, and are happy living together. Donna would rather not talk about specifics so they can live a quiet, calm existence away from the spotlight, even if their marriage is a big part of their lives.

Despite their modest appearance, Donna and Ed have a close relationship that is based on love and respect for one another and has endured throughout time. Jason and Travis, Ed and Donna Kelce’s two wonderful boys, provide them with joy. 

Born in 1987 and 1989, respectively, Jason and Travis grew up in the cozy Cleveland Heights, Ohio neighborhood, surrounded by love and tender care from their parents.

Net Worth & Career

Donna Kelce has lived a contented life and accumulated an estimated $1 million in fortune. Her employment as a retired banker, where she served as senior vice president at Truist from 2010 until her retirement in 2021, has contributed to her financial security over the years. Despite having a prosperous job, Donna is most proud of her family, particularly her son Travis Kelce. 

Travis is a brilliant football player who has accumulated a sizeable net worth of almost $20 million during his productive playing career.

Donna is an example of a person who is committed to both her personal and professional lives. Her everlasting support for her son’s efforts and her unshakable dedication to her work demonstrate her resilience and resolve to succeed.

Does Donna Kelce have grandchildren?

Absolutely! In 2019, Donna stepped into the wonderful role of grandma when her son Jason and his wife, Kylie, welcomed their daughter Wyatt into the world. Since then, their family has only grown more joyous with the arrivals of two more precious daughters: Elliotte and Bennett!

You can tell just how much Donna adores her new role as grandma; it’s written all over her face whenever she’s with her grandchildren. Her Instagram feed is practically a love letter to them, filled with adorable photos and heartwarming videos capturing those precious moments that she cherishes so dearly.

Are both of Donna Kelce’s sons Super Bowl winners?

That is true, indeed! Their mother, Donna, has been thrilled by the many amazing experiences that her sons, Travis and Jason, have had during their football careers. Of course! He was filled with pure excitement and pride, as was his family, notably his mother Donna, who no likely encouraged him at every turn.


Donna Kelce, a well-known American mother, has made headlines due to her influential role in the football world as the mother of Travis and Jason Kelce. Born on October 9, 1952, in the United States, Donna pursued her education at Ohio University and Baldwin Wallace University, where she obtained her master’s degree. She had a successful career in banking, reaching the position of senior vice president at Truist before retiring in 2021. Donna’s supportive presence has been evident in various commercials alongside her sons, showcasing their close relationship.

Donna and her ex-husband, Ed Kelce, live together in Orlando, Florida, enjoying a quiet life away from the spotlight. Despite being retired, Donna has amassed an estimated net worth of $1 million, while Travis Kelce, her son, has built a substantial fortune through his football career, with a net worth close to $20 million.


Where does Donna Kelce live?

Donna recently relocated to Orlando, Florida, where she resides in a comfortable condo close to the city. Her ex-husband, Ed Kelce, also lives in the vicinity of Philadelphia, marking a significant life change for both.

Is Donna Kelce still married?

Donna Kelce and her husband Ed Kelce continue to live together in Orlando, Florida. They prefer to keep their personal lives private and away from the spotlight.

Does Donna Kelce have grandchildren?

Yes, Donna Kelce is a proud grandmother to three adorable grandchildren: Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett. They bring immense joy and happiness to her life, as evidenced by the loving photos and videos she shares on her Instagram.

Are both of Donna Kelce’s sons Super Bowl winners?

Yes, both of Donna Kelce’s sons, Travis and Jason Kelce, have won the Super Bowl during their football careers. Travis won with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020 and 2023, while Jason won with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018.

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