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Steve Lacy Height

6 feet 1 inch (1.83M)

Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch or 183 centimeters, Steve Elegant isn’t simply one more performer from Compton, Los Angeles — he’s a genuine melodic force to be reckoned with. With abilities that range across different instruments and jobs, including record maker, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and lyricist, Steve has cut out a specialty for himself in the music business.

You could remember him best as the bass guitarist and lead performer of the unbelievably capable Neo-Soul band, The Web. Yet, his performance work is similarly noteworthy. In 2017, he dropped his presentation EP, “Steve Fancy’s Demo,” and it resembled a melodic quake. It displayed his crude ability and undeniable style, sending shockwaves through the business.

One track specifically, “Negative behavior pattern,” turned into a moment hit, thanks to some extent to its viral accomplishment on TikTok. The melody detonated onto the scene, transforming diagrams like the R&B Streaming Tunes Graph. It appeared as though everybody was cutting to Steve Elegant’s irresistible tunes.

Furthermore, we should not fail to remember his birthday — it’s essentially an occasion for his fans. Consistently, they enthusiastically count during the time until they can praise the introduction of their melodic legend.

In any case, there’s something else to Steve Silky besides his music. His process is loaded up with intriguing exciting bends in the road, and his story is one that keeps on spellbinding crowds all over the planet.

Steve Lacy Height

At 6 feet 1 inch (183 cm or 1.83 m) tall, Steve Fancy isn’t simply a transcending figure truly; he’s a goliath in the music business. With gifts that range across different jobs — think record maker, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and musician — he’s essentially a small time band. However, it’s his job as the bass guitarist and lead entertainer of The Web, a Neo-Soul band, that truly placed him on the guide.

Notwithstanding his great height in the music world, Steve is refreshingly practical. He’s not one to allow popularity to get to his head; all things considered, he’s about the music and interfacing with his crowd. You can feel his certified energy for what he does each time he makes that big appearance.

Discussing stages, Steve’s level most certainly adds to his stage presence. At 6 feet 1 inch, he orders consideration easily, and when he begins singing and playing his guitar, it’s like enchantment. He has this deep voice and mind boggling guitar abilities that simply attract you, leaving you hypnotized.

It’s no big surprise he has such a given fanbase and a spot among music’s world class. Steve Frilly isn’t simply a performer; he’s a craftsman who’s genuinely on top of his art.

Height (feet)6 feet 1 inch
Height (inches)73 inches
Height (centimeters)183 cm
Height (meters)1.83 m

Who is Steve Lacy

Steve Frilly is a capable performer from Compton, Los Angeles, referred to for his complex jobs as a record maker, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and musician. He acquired conspicuousness as the bass guitarist and lead entertainer of the prestigious Neo-Soul band, The Web. In 2017, Silky caused disturbances with his presentation EP, “Steve Fancy’s Demo,” which displayed his melodic ability and one of a kind style. One of his singles, “Negative behavior pattern,” acquired colossal fame, especially on TikTok, pushing him further into the spotlight. Frilly’s commitment to his specialty and his telling presence in front of an audience have procured him a committed following and a merited spot among music’s first class.

Steve Lacy Biography And Education

Brought into the world on May 23, 1998, under the enthusiastic indication of Gemini, Steve Elegant hails from Compton, California, carrying with him a rich mix of American and Filipino legacy. Growing up, his day to day life was set apart by both euphoria and distress. His mother, Sophia Lackritz, held the post after the deficiency of Steve’s dad, Harry Silky, when Steve was only a youngster of ten. It was difficult, yet Sophia raised Steve and his sisters — Deborah, Valerie, Vage, and Asia — exploring the difficulties of single life as a parent with beauty and strength.

Steve’s kin have each cut their own ways on the planet. Asia tracked down her furrow as a lyricist and frontwoman for the band Asiatica, while Vage followed her enthusiasm for dance, turning into a sought-after instructor. Valerie, then again, tracked down her calling as a rudimentary dance educator and furthermore became known for her mastery in plaits and dreadlocks at Meshes by Vage.

With respect to Steve, his excursion into the music scene started early. He began his secondary school a long time at Washington Preliminary Secondary School prior to continuing on toward private tutoring. With the complete name Steve Thomas Elegant Moya, he’s now left a remarkable imprint in the music world by the age of 25 out of 2023. With his novel ability and immovable enthusiasm, Steve Silky is most certainly a memorable name in the music business.

Profile summary

Full NameSteve Thomas Lacy-Moya
Famous asSteve Lacy
Date of Birth23 May 1998
Age25 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Place of BirthCompton, California, United States
Current ResidenceCompton, California, US
Height (feet)6’1”
Height (centimetres)183
Weight (pounds)152
Weight (kilograms)69
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
FatherHarry Lackritz
MotherSophia Lackritz
Relationship StatusSingle
EducationWashington Preparatory High School
ProfessionRecord producer, guitarist, singer, songwriter
Net Worth$2 million
Facebook@Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy Height, Weight, And Other Features

Steve Silky isn’t simply your normal performer — he’s a force to be reckoned with of ability. Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch (183 cm) and tipping the scales at 152 pounds (69 kg), he has the presence to match his melodic ability. With those striking bruised eyes and hair to coordinate, Steve has a style all his own that impeccably supplements his inventive pizazz.

Discussing inventiveness, that is where Steve truly sparkles. As a record maker, guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist, he takes care of the relative multitude of bases. His energy for music has no limits, and that drive’s directed to his amazing outcome in the business. With a total assets of $2 million, saying he’s made a remarkable name for himself is protected.

Be that as it may, Steve’s not just about the music — he’s likewise about interfacing with his fans. You can track down him dynamic on different web-based entertainment stages, where he shares his most recent tracks and interfaces with fans who can’t get enough of his creativity and ability.

Height6’1″ (183 cm)
Weight69 kg (152 lbs)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Steve Lacy Life Style

Music as Life: Music isn’t simply a vocation for Steve Fancy; it’s his soul. Whether he’s delivering tracks, playing his guitar, or belting out profound songs, you can wager he’s completely drenched in the realm of music.

Inventive Investigation: Steve blossoms with pushing limits and investigating new roads of imagination. Whether it’s trying different things with various sounds or teaming up with different specialists, he’s continuously looking to develop and develop as a performer.

Adjusted Living: Regardless of his furious timetable, Steve focuses on balance in his life. Whether it’s investing energy with friends and family, remaining dynamic with side interests like skating, or basically taking minutes to unwind and re-energize, he knows the significance of keeping a sound harmony.

Association with Fans: Steve profoundly esteems his association with his fans. He’s dynamic via web-based entertainment, sharing looks into his life and music, and frequently communicates straightforwardly with fans who support and value his work.

Chic: With his remarkable fashion instinct, Steve won’t hesitate to say something both on and off the stage. Whether he’s shaking strong examples, classic finds, or his particular extras, he’s continuously making a design proclamation that mirrors his independence.

Persistent Development: For Steve, the excursion is similarly essentially as significant as the objective. He’s focused on ceaseless development, both actually and expertly, continuously endeavoring to arrive at new levels and push the limits of his inventiveness.

When is Steve Lacy’s birthday?

Brought into the world on May 23, 1998, under the dynamic indication of Gemini, Steve Silky experienced childhood in the core of Compton, California. He’s a genuine Californian totally.

Starting around 2023, Steve is 25 years of age, and his zodiac sign, Gemini, impeccably catches his dynamic and multi-layered character.

His underlying foundations mirror his different foundation — he’s an American with a blend of African-American and Filipino legacy. His mother, Sophia Lackritz, is African-American, while his father, Harry Lackritz, was Filipino. Tragically, Steve lost his father when he was only ten, passing on his mother to raise him and his four sisters — Deborah, Valerie, Vage, and Asia — without any assistance.

In spite of the difficulties, Steve’s childhood was loaded up with adoration and flexibility. His family’s bond runs profound, and they’ve upheld each other through various challenges.

Steve’s excursion from Compton to the worldwide stage is a demonstration of his ability and assurance. With his remarkable mix of melodic impacts and individual encounters, he’s turned into an amazing powerhouse in the music business. Furthermore, through everything, he conveys the soul of his underlying foundations with him, mixing his music with genuineness and soul.


Since early on, Steve Fancy was bound for melodic significance. At only seven years of age, he previously had an enthusiasm for music shining brilliantly inside him. Everything began with a straightforward interest with the guitar, started by hours spent playing the Guitar Legend computer game. Much to his dismay, those virtual plays would prepare for his genuine melodic excursion.

During his secondary school days, Steve took his melodic gifts to a higher level by joining the school jazz band. It was there that he encountered Jameel Burner, an individual from The Web band, making way for what might turn into a urgent second in his vocation.

Outfitted with just his iPhone, guitar, and a module called iRig, Steve dove carelessly into music creation. His initial introduction to the studio accompanied The Web’s third studio collection, “Self image Demise,” a venture that would procure basic recognition and, surprisingly, a Grammy designation.

Yet, Steve didn’t stop there. As The Web individuals left on performance projects, he leaving his imprint by teaming up with any semblance of Syd and Matt Martins, displaying his flexibility as both an entertainer and maker. What’s more, we should not fail to remember his great creation credits, incorporating a coordinated effort with, in all honesty, Kendrick Lamar on the melody “Pride.”

In 2017, Steve surprised the music world with the arrival of his presentation EP, “Steve Fancy’s Demo,” an undertaking that displayed his crude ability and creative way to deal with music creation. Utilizing just his iPhone and an inherent mic, he made a sound that was interestingly his own.

Quick forward to 2022, and Steve’s star keeps on rising. His hit melody “Persistent vice” took off to the highest rated spot, setting his status as a genuine melodic sensation. Also, with additional collections like “Gemini Freedoms,” “Apollo XXI,” and “Lo-Fis” added to his repertoire, there’s no question that Steve Frilly is setting down deep roots.

Most as of late, Steve wowed crowds with a show-halting execution of “Persistent vice” at the 65th yearly Grammy Grants in 2023, solidifying his place as perhaps of music’s most splendid star. With his unrivaled ability and unlimited inventiveness, the sky’s the cutoff for this spirit music wonder.

What kind of music does Steve Lacy make?

Steve Silky isn’t just about adhering to one type — he’s tied in with mixing various styles to make something really one of a kind. His music resembles a blend, consolidating components of neo-soul and option R&B with traces of funk, jazz, non mainstream rock, and hallucinogenic soul. What’s more, we should not disregard that bit of Lo-fi that adds an entirely different layer of profundity to his sound.

However, Steve’s imagination doesn’t stop there. He’s likewise known for mixing a touch of hip-jump into his imaginative work, adding an additional edge to his verses and beats. This diverse blend of impacts separates Steve and makes his fans want more and more. Whether you’re into deep tunes, out of control grooves, or dirty hip-jump flows, Steve Silky has something for everybody.

Is Steve Lacy in a relationship?

It seems like Steve Elegant is flying independent on the relationship front, as he hasn’t let the cat out of the bag about being engaged with anybody. Be that as it may, he’s been transparent about his sexuality, gladly emerging as sexually open. An individual part of his life he’s embraced, and fans value his fortitude in imparting his reality to the world.

Steve Lacy Awards And Nominations

Steve Frilly’s ability hasn’t slipped by everyone’s notice in the music world — he’s piled up a remarkable assortment of designations and grants. In 2023, he caught the sought after Grammy Grant for Best Moderate R&B Collection for his heavenly work on “Gemini Privileges.” It was a merited success that cemented his place among music’s tip top.

In any case, that is not all. Steve’s been an ordinary installation on the selections list for other renowned honors as well, similar to the American Music Grants, BET Grants, Grammy Grants, and MTV Video Music Grants. These selections are a demonstration of his obvious ability and the effect he’s made on the music business.

Every designation and grant is something beyond a sparkly prize — it’s an acknowledgment of Steve’s devotion, innovativeness, and developing impact as a performer. What’s more, with every honor, his star power just keeps on rising, solidifying his status as perhaps of music’s most brilliant ability.

OrganizationYearCategoryNominated WorkResultRef.
American Music Awards2022New Artist of the YearHimselfNominated[69]
American Music Awards2022Favorite Male R&B ArtistNominated
BET Awards2023Video of the Year“Bad Habit”Nominated[70]
GLAAD Media Awards2023Outstanding Breakthrough Music ArtistHimselfNominated[71]
Grammy Awards2016Best Urban Contemporary AlbumEgo DeathNominated[72]
Grammy Awards2020Apollo XXINominated
Grammy Awards2023Record of the Year“Bad Habit”Nominated[73]
Grammy Awards2023Song of the YearNominated
Grammy Awards2023Best Pop Solo PerformanceNominated
Grammy Awards2023Best Progressive R&B AlbumGemini RightsWon
iHeartRadio Music Awards2023Best New Pop ArtistHimselfNominated[74]
iHeartRadio Music Awards2023TikTok Bop of the Year“Bad Habit”Nominated
iHeartRadio Music Awards2023Best New R&B ArtistHimselfNominated
MTV Europe Music Awards2023Best R&BNominated[75]
MTV Video Music Awards2022Song of Summer“Bad Habit”Nominated[76]
MTV Video Music Awards2023Song of the YearNominated[77][78]
Soul Train Music Awards2022Best New ArtistHimselfNominated[79]
Soul Train Music Awards2022Song of the Year“Bad Habit”Nominated
Soul Train Music Awards2022Video of the YearNominated
Soul Train Music Awards2022The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s AwardNominated
UK Music Video Awards2022Best R&B/Soul Video – International“Sunshine”Nominated
UK Music Video Awards2023“Helmet”Nominated

Steve Lacy Net Worth

Starting around 2024, Steve Silky’s assessed total assets is an astounding $35 million, exhibiting his unbelievable progress in the music business. His abundance comes from various sources, including income from streaming stages like Spotify and Apple Music, as well as sovereignties from his broad music inventory. Additionally, Steve pulls in income from stock deals, show visits, and rewarding supports.

What’s genuinely noteworthy is the means by which Steve’s monetary achievement isn’t just about his melodic ability — it’s likewise an impression of his wise business abilities. He’s not only a performer; he’s a business person who knows how to exploit his image and transform his enthusiasm into benefit.

Through difficult work and devotion, Steve has fabricated a vocation that proceeds to develop and advance, furnishing him with both monetary achievement and security. His total assets is a demonstration of his accomplishments and hardens his status as a central part in the music business.


  • Complex Performer: Steve Fancy isn’t simply a vocalist or guitarist; he’s a multi-skilled performer who succeeds as a record maker, guitarist, bassist, artist, and lyricist.
  • Solid beginning: Fancy fostered an enthusiasm for music early on, getting the guitar and leveling up his abilities by playing the Guitar Legend computer game prior to progressing to a genuine guitar.
  • Inventive Creation: Steve Fancy is known for his imaginative way to deal with music creation. He broadly delivered his initial tunes utilizing only his iPhone, guitar, and modules, showing his cleverness and inventiveness.
  • Flexible Partner: All through his profession, Fancy has teamed up with a different scope of craftsmen, from individual individuals from The Web to acclaimed performers like Kendrick Lamar and Solange Knowles.
  • Acknowledgment and Grants: Steve Silky’s ability has procured him various selections and grants, including a Grammy win for Best Moderate R&B Collection for “Gemini Freedoms” in 2023.


Steve Fancy is a momentous performer whose ability has no limits. From his initial days exploring different avenues regarding music creation on his iPhone to his Grammy-winning collections, he has reliably pushed the limits of what’s conceivable in music. With his exceptional mix of soul, R&B, funk, and hip-jump impacts, Elegant has cut out a particular specialty in the business and keeps on motivating fans overall with his imaginative sound.


What is Steve Silky’s genuine name?

Steve Frilly’s complete name is Steve Thomas Elegant Moya.

How old is Steve Silky?

Starting around 2023, Steve Silky is 25 years of age, having been brought into the world on May 23, 1998.

Where is Steve Frilly from?

Steve Silky was brought up in Compton, California, US.

What is Steve Silky’s total assets?

Starting around 2024, Steve Elegant’s assessed total assets is $35 million, got from different sources including music streaming, sovereignties, stock deals, show visits, and supports.

Is Steve Frilly in a relationship?

Steve Elegant has not freely revealed any data about his relationship status, yet he has straightforwardly distinguished as sexually open.

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