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Amirah Dyme, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, And More

Amirah Dyme, frequently alluded to as “Cake Sovereign,” is without a doubt a conspicuous figure in the domain of Instagram models. She hails from Germany and has amassed a significant finishing her outwardly striking posts, especially exhibiting her build. Her notoriety flooded principally because of her enthralling pictures that frequently feature design, way of life, and her very much conditioned body.

Dyme has successfully used her virtual entertainment stage to team up with different style brands, consequently utilizing her internet based presence to get rewarding associations. Brands like NA-KD, Style Nova, and Blanco Inlet are among the numerous that have perceived her impact and taken advantage of her enormous following for limited time purposes. Through supported posts, supports, and brand organizations, she has secured herself as a fruitful force to be reckoned with, adding to her monetary success.

Past her expert undertakings, Dyme’s own life and foundation remain to some degree private, with her virtual entertainment presence fundamentally zeroing in on her profession and way of life. While her race is much of the time a subject of interest among her supporters, insights concerning her legacy and ethnic foundation may not be broadly reported openly.

In general, Amirah Dyme’s excursion from a German-conceived Instagram model to a perceived force to be reckoned with in the design business highlights the force of online entertainment in forming current professions and impacting purchaser conduct.

Amirah Dyme’s bio

Amirah Dyme, lovingly named “Cake Sovereign” by her admirers, entered the world on January fourteenth, 1995, in the dynamic city of Berlin, Germany. Brought into the world to Kosar and Elsa Dyme, she was raised in a clamoring family close by her seven kin, which probably added to her initial openness to variety and a feeling of familial solidarity.

Experiencing childhood in Berlin, a city famous for its rich social embroidery and dynamic expressions scene, may play had a crucial impact in molding Dyme’s perspective and touching off her enthusiasm for self-articulation. While insights concerning her experience growing up and early stages remain somewhat private, it’s possible that her childhood in such a cosmopolitan climate encouraged her appreciation for style, imagination, and distinction.

All through her excursion to noticeable quality as an Instagram sensation and powerhouse, Dyme has caught the consideration of millions overall with her striking visuals and attractive presence. Her capacity to flawlessly mix components of style, way of life, and individual strengthening has cemented her status as an impressive power in the computerized domain.

Notwithstanding her brilliant ascent to popularity, Dyme keeps on keeping a degree of security encompassing her own life, picking rather to zero in on her vocation and the development of her web-based persona. Be that as it may, her foundations in Berlin, her familial bonds, and her excursion from a little kid with dreams to a virtual entertainment symbol act as a demonstration of her flexibility, desire, and steadfast assurance to make a permanent imprint on the world stage.

Profile summary

Full nameAmirah Dyme
NicknameCake Queen
Date of birthJanuary 14th, 1995
Age (as of 2022)27 years
Zodiac signCapricorn
Place of birthBerlin, Germany
Current residenceGermany
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourHazel
Height (feet)5’7″
Height (centimetres)170
Weight (pounds)124
Weight (kilograms)70
Body measurements (inches)34-26-44
Body measurements (centimetres)86-66-112
FatherKosar Dyme
MotherElsa Dyme
Marital statusDating
BoyfriendRobert Covington
ProfessionModel, Instagram star, entrepreneur
Net worth$2 million
Instagram page@amirahdyme

How old is Amirah Dyme?

Starting around 2022, Amirah Dyme, the eminent Instagram sensation and model, remains at 27 years old, with her birthday falling on January fourteenth every year. Brought into the world in 1995 in Berlin, Germany, Dyme has charmed millions with her striking presence and spellbinding posts via web-based entertainment.

Her excursion to notoriety started with her creative utilization of Instagram, where she immediately gathered consideration for her faultless fashion awareness, sure disposition, and advantageous constitution. With her particular highlights, including hazel eyes, earthy colored hair, and a graceful level of 5’7″ (170 cm), she has turned into a famous figure in the realm of style and online impact.

Dyme’s attractive allure reaches out past her actual characteristics; her innovative soul and sharp eye for marking have moved her to progress as a model and business person. Close by her flourishing profession, she has embraced her multicultural legacy and Islamic confidence, adding profundity and genuineness to her public persona.

Notwithstanding the spotlight, Dyme remains grounded, focusing on her own connections and keeping a feeling of protection in the midst of her public persona. As she keeps on advancing expertly and by and by, her impact and effect on the computerized scene make certain to persevere, solidifying her status as perhaps of the most powerful figure in contemporary culture.

What does Amirah Dyme do for a living?

Amirah Dyme, warmly known as “Cake Sovereign” among her army of fans, rose to conspicuousness as an observed Instagram model through her charming presence on the stage. Her excursion to fame started in 2016 when she started sharing her shocking photos, charming the consideration of online crowds around the world.

With a natural skill for organizing outwardly striking substance, Dyme’s Instagram account immediately turned into a center point for style devotees and admirers the same. Her immaculate fashion instinct, combined with her striking excellence, impelled her into the spotlight, drawing in a quickly developing following of admirers who were attracted to her spellbinding posts.

As her internet based presence thrived, so did her chances inside the style and magnificence enterprises. Dyme’s capacity to easily exhibit a different cluster of outfits and style additionally cemented her status as a trailblazer and force to be reckoned with. Supports and advancements from prestigious brands before long followed, further reinforcing her standing and growing her arrive at across online entertainment stages.

As of the hour of distribution, Dyme’s Instagram account flaunts a noteworthy 3.8 million supporters, a demonstration of her broad allure and persevering through impact in the domain of computerized media. Through her commitment to sharing stunning symbolism and drawing in happy, Cake Sovereign has without a doubt cut out an unmistakable specialty for herself in the consistently developing scene of online entertainment impact.

How much is Amirah Dyme worth?

Amirah Dyme, the regarded virtual entertainment sensation, has laid down a good foundation for herself as an impressive power in the computerized domain, with her pioneering tries contributing fundamentally to her assessed total assets of $2 million. Her yearly pay, purportedly around $116,067, mirrors the rewarding open doors she has profited by all through her vocation as a virtual entertainment model and force to be reckoned with.

Dyme’s essential kind of revenue originates from her joint efforts with regarded brands, utilizing her sweeping reach and drew in following to get rewarding brand promotions and organizations. Also, income produced from deals through her attire store further supports her monetary portfolio, showing her astute business sharpness and sharp comprehension of her crowd’s inclinations.

Prominently, Dyme has wandered into the domain of membership based content through stages like OnlyFans, where she offers selective admittance to her unwavering fan base for a month to month membership expense of $25. This extra stream of income highlights her flexibility as a business person and her capacity to adjust to arising patterns inside the advanced scene.

With her immovable commitment to her art and a sharp eye for potential open doors, Amirah Dyme keeps on cementing her status as a main figure in the realm of virtual entertainment impact, while at the same time laying down a good foundation for herself as a clever finance manager ready for proceeded with progress in the years to come.

Who is Amirah Dyme dating now?

Amirah Dyme, referred to many as Cake Sovereign, has for sure kept a degree of security in regards to her close connections, staying quiet about her own undertakings to a great extent. While her dating life stays a subject of hypothesis, there have been eminent examples where her connections stand out from the public eye.

Beforehand, Dyme was connected sincerely with Beam Hushpuppi, with bits of gossip proposing that they met in Dubai. Notwithstanding, their relationship supposedly reached a conclusion following Hushpuppi’s capture, denoting a huge section in her own life.

Thusly, hypothesis emerged in regards to Dyme’s contribution with another beau named Ramy ‘Lil’ Freeny, especially during the repercussions of Hushpuppi’s legitimate difficulties. Notwithstanding flowing reports, Dyme has decided to abstain from remarking with regards to this issue openly.

In an astounding development, ongoing reports show that Amirah Dyme is as of now involved with Robert Covington, an expert ball player for the Los Angeles Trimmers. The model common a progression of photographs displaying a pregnancy knock, recommending that the couple is expecting a kid together.

In the midst of the hypothesis and interest encompassing her heartfelt snares, Dyme keeps on keeping a degree of prudence, selecting to keep the subtleties of her own life private. As she leaves on this new part with Covington, fans enthusiastically anticipate further updates from the dearest Instagram model, who keeps on enthralling crowds with her baffling presence both on and off web-based entertainment.

Facts about Amirah Dyme:

Birth and Foundation: Amirah Dyme, otherwise called Cake Sovereign, was brought into the world on January fourteenth, 1995, in Berlin, Germany. She was raised close by seven kin by her folks, Kosar and Elsa Dyme.

Profession Starting points: Dyme acquired ubiquity via web-based entertainment stages, especially Instagram, where she started posting pictures in 2016. Her spellbinding posts displaying style, way of life, and her build immediately pulled in a critical following.

Impact and Reach: With over 3.8 million devotees on Instagram, Dyme has secured herself as an unmistakable figure in the realm of web-based entertainment powerhouses. Her drawing in satisfied and associations with design brands have added to her boundless impact.

Enterprising Endeavors: notwithstanding her displaying profession, Dyme has wandered into business. She works a dress store and furthermore procures income through membership put together satisfied with respect to stages like OnlyFans.

Individual Life: Dyme has been circumspect about her own connections, however she has been connected to people like Beam Hushpuppi and Robert Covington, an expert b-ball player for the Los Angeles Trimmers. Reports propose that she is as of now anticipating a kid with Covington.


Amirah Dyme, commonly known as Cake Sovereign, is a German-conceived Instagram model who rose to notoriety through her enthralling presence via web-based entertainment. Brought into the world in Berlin in 1995, Dyme started her profession by posting pictures on Instagram in 2016, rapidly storing up an enormous following because of her striking visuals and in vogue content. With over 3.8 million devotees, she has turned into a sought-after powerhouse, teaming up with various style marks and extending her innovative endeavors. While Dyme keeps her own life hidden, she has been sincerely connected to figures like Beam Hushpuppi and Robert Covington, with late reports recommending that she is anticipating a kid with Covington.


How did Amirah Dyme acquire fame?

Dyme acquired notoriety through her outwardly engaging posts on Instagram, which exhibited her style sense, way of life, and build.

What is Amirah Dyme’s total assets?

Dyme’s assessed total assets is around $2 million, fundamentally procured through her profession as a virtual entertainment force to be reckoned with and business person.

Who is Amirah Dyme dating?

While Dyme keeps her dating life hidden, ongoing reports recommend that she is involved with Robert Covington, an expert b-ball player.

Does Amirah Dyme have any youngsters?

Reports show that Dyme is as of now anticipating a kid with Robert Covington, however she has not affirmed this freely.

What different endeavors is Amirah Dyme associated with?

Notwithstanding her displaying vocation, Dyme works a dress store and procures income through membership put together happy with respect to stages like OnlyFans.

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