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Michelle Goeringer,  Biography, Education,Family Life, Net Worth, And Career 

Michelle Goeringer is an amazing individual who has overcome many obstacles in her amazing journey through life.Despite having been married to the well-known NFL head coach Rex Ryan in the past, Michelle maintains her groundedness and prioritizes her family and profession.

However, Michelle’s story goes beyond her connection to a well-known football figure. She is a committed mother and ambitious businesswoman who uses her own struggles as motivation for women everywhere to follow their aspirations with dignity and tenacity.

Who is Michelle Goeringer?

Michelle Ryan, formerly Michelle Goeringer, was born and raised in the thriving town of Clinton, Oklahoma, where her family was well-established. Her path effortlessly blended with Rex’s at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where they both attended college. Michelle had aspirations of becoming a teacher, while Rex was pursuing his ambitions of being a very skilled offensive lineman in the football field.

The New York Post published an emotional article portraying Michelle as a bookworm, with her grounded demeanor acting as the ideal counterbalance to Rex’s athletic skills.

Rex was hired by Eastern Kentucky University as a graduate assistant coach after receiving his degree. He was so excited that he was eager to tell Michelle the news. Michelle was so happy about their future together that she couldn’t stop smiling when they spoke on the phone. Rex called Michelle in an impromptu, completely delightful moment, and Michelle responded with tears of joy.Their official marriage adventure began in 1987 with their summer wedding. Their relationship has had many ups and downs since then. Michelle has been Rex’s rock with every coaching change, providing constant commitment and encouragement—a monument to their ongoing love and cooperation.

Michelle Goeringer Biography

Of course! Gifted as a writer and producer, Rex Ryan was born December 13, 1962, in Ardmore, Oklahoma. There’s little question that his work on television series like “That’s My Boy” (2012), “Sunday NFL Countdown” (1985), and “CSI: NY” (2004) has made waves in the industry and secured his reputation.

Regarding his private life, Rex has been contentedly wed to Michelle Goeringer since 1987. The two of them have been blessed with two amazing children. Rex’s ability to strike the ideal balance between his fulfilling family life and successful job is amazing; it’s definitely no minor accomplishment.


Full NameMichelle Goeringer (formerly Michelle Ryan)
BirthdateNot specified
BirthplaceClinton, Oklahoma, USA
EducationGraduated from Oklahoma State University
Career– Former family law attorney <br> – President of MGR Enterprises (investment & real estate development)
Relationship StatusDivorced from Rex Ryan since 2017
ChildrenTwo sons: Seth Ryan and Payton Ryan
Net WorthEstimated at $20 million (jointly with Rex Ryan)
Notable Achievements– Devoted mother and businesswoman <br> – Inspirational figure for women pursuing their passions and responsibilities
Other– Formerly married to NFL head coach Rex Ryan

Michelle Goeringer Education

The narrative of Michelle Goeringer starts in her hometown of Oklahoma, where she was born and reared. She felt herself lured to the well-known sights and noises that defined her early years, despite growing up surrounded by the wide plains and close-knit town.

Michelle made the obvious decision to enroll at Oklahoma State University as it would enable her to learn more about the rich customs and culture of her home state. For her, it was a voyage of self-discovery and progress accompanied by friends and mentors who shared her ideals, more than just going to classes.

Michelle felt more a part of her community and her horizons were broadened by late-night talks and common activities on campus. The lessons she learned during her early years and college years gave her the fortitude to face obstacles head-on and the self-assurance to follow her aspirations.

Michelle brought with her the spirit of Oklahoma when she left the confines of the institution, believing that her upbringing would be her beacon of guidance through all the ups and downs of life.

Michelle Goeringer Family Life

Michelle’s mother and two sisters showed her a lot of love and support throughout her upbringing. She excelled in school and was constantly willing to broaden her horizons because of her innate curiosity and love of learning.After years of commitment and effort, Michelle triumphantly crossed the stage at the University of Oklahoma to get her bachelor’s degree, an accomplishment that represented her tenacity and resolve in addition to her academic accomplishments.

Do Michelle and Rex Ryan have children?

A loving, supportive atmosphere was created for Michelle throughout her early years by her mother’s warmth and her two sisters’ company. Her unwavering quest for information propelled her to success in school, and she had a natural talent for academics and an overflowing curiosity.Years of commitment and hard work paid off, and Michelle’s journey came to a glorious conclusion as she walked across the University of Oklahoma stage with joy, her heart bursting with satisfaction and achievement at having earned her bachelor’s degree.

Michelle Ryan has some interesting pregame habits

Michelle was not a big fan of American football prior to her marriage to Rex Ryan. However, she threw herself into the world of football when they were married, becoming an ardent admirer and unwavering supporter of her husband’s profession.

According to the New York Post, Michelle and her family established a number of customs on game day during Rex’s time as the head coach of the New York Jets. Michelle established a custom of dressing in green the days before games and wearing her old-fashioned Jets jersey with the old emblem on game days. They saved their Friday nights before games for supper at Jose’s Cantina, which gave the pre-game ritual an added element of excitement and suspense.The family turned Thursday nights into movie nights, a treasured custom that all looked forward to. Michelle’s son Seth added to the family’s excitement on game day by proudly donning his Darrelle Revis shirt.Their life would be much more exciting if Rex were to take a coaching position in the NFL again, since Michelle could come up with a ton of new rituals and superstitions!


Michelle Goeringer began her work as a family lawyer, devoted to assisting families in resolving legal issues. But her adventure didn’t end there. Michelle broadened her horizons by taking a risk and venturing into philanthropy and entrepreneurship.Michelle has led MGR Enterprises with extraordinary poise and skill since taking over in 2001. Her ability to lead has resulted in the successful completion of a number of noteworthy projects, demonstrating her extensive knowledge and expertise in the real estate sector.

In addition to her real estate achievements, Michelle’s observations have attracted a lot of interest. She is a popular speaker at business gatherings, where she freely shares her extensive experience with interested parties. Her skill has even earned her appearances on television, where she educates audiences with insightful commentary and life lessons.

The Love Story of Michelle Goeringer and Rex Ryan

The paths of Rex Ryan and Michelle Goeringer initially intersected at the University of Oklahoma, where they forged a close friendship that finally resulted in their 1987 marriage. Payton and Seth, two stunning youngsters, were brought into their life by them together.

Over over twenty years, they faced many obstacles, yet their partnership succeeded. They stayed dedicated to giving their kids a secure and loving environment even after they separated in 2017. Rex and Michelle both deliberately tried to keep their personal affairs discreet, putting their family’s welfare first.Although Rex became well-known in the National Football League coaching world as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, Michelle valued her solitude and a peaceful existence and would have liked a more subdued existence away from the limelight.Their tale serves as an example of the enduring power of love and family ties, showing how a parent’s relationship with their kid can endure many hardships and changes when it is maintained with unshakable commitment and care.

The Goeringer-Ryan Clan

The basic ideals that shaped the upbringing of Payton and Seth, the sons of Rex Ryan and Michelle Goeringer, included dignity, independence, and the value of hard work. Michelle is a devoted mother who has always placed her family first and has always supported her kids no matter what.In football, both brothers have demonstrated remarkable potential, developing their abilities throughout high school and college. They have a strong work ethic and a strong desire to achieve because of their background. Unquestionably, Michelle’s caring and loving personality had a big influence on her kids’ development into the successful and driven people they are today.

Michelle Goeringer Net Worth

Michelle Goeringer and her ex-husband Rex Ryan are said to be worth a combined $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. It’s crucial to remember that circumstances related to money might change over time, therefore this number might not always be precise.Michelle’s riches is proof positive that she has exceptional money management skills. But her genuine dedication to give back to the community is what really sets her apart.Her ardent commitment to advancing many humanitarian issues is indicative of her real desire to have a good influence and improve the world.


  • Michelle Goeringer, formerly known as Michelle Ryan, was born and raised in Clinton, Oklahoma, USA.
  • She attended Oklahoma State University, where she graduated before embarking on her career.
  • Michelle initially worked as a family law attorney before transitioning into entrepreneurship and real estate development.
  • Michelle and her ex-husband, Rex Ryan, have two sons named Payton Ryan and Seth Ryan.
  • She is the president of MGR Enterprises, a company specializing in investment and real estate development.
  • Michelle is known for her dedication to her family and her community, as well as her philanthropic efforts.
  • She prefers to maintain a low profile and values privacy, unlike her ex-husband, who gained fame as an NFL head coach.
  • Celebrity Net Worth estimates Michelle and Rex Ryan’s combined net worth to be around $20 million.
  • Michelle’s leadership and business acumen have earned her recognition and invitations to speak at various business events.
  • Despite her divorce from Rex Ryan in 2017, Michelle remains focused on her career and her role as a mother to her two sons.


Michelle Goeringer’s journey is one of resilience, adaptability, and commitment to family and community. From her humble beginnings in Oklahoma to her successful career in entrepreneurship and real estate, Michelle has navigated life’s challenges with grace and determination. Her relationship with Rex Ryan, though now dissolved, played a significant role in her life, shaping her values and priorities. Despite the fame and fortune associated with her ex-husband’s NFL coaching career, Michelle remains grounded and focused on making a positive impact in the world.


Who is Michelle Goeringer?

Michelle Goeringer is a successful entrepreneur and former family law attorney known for her dedication to her family and community.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michelle Goeringer’s combined net worth with her ex-husband, Rex Ryan, is estimated to be around $20 million.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s career?

Michelle began her career as a family law attorney before transitioning into entrepreneurship and real estate development. She currently serves as the president of MGR Enterprises.

Does Michelle Goeringer have children?

Yes, Michelle Goeringer and her ex-husband, Rex Ryan, have two sons named Payton Ryan and Seth Ryan.

What is Michelle Goeringer’s approach to privacy and fame?

Unlike her ex-husband, who gained fame as an NFL head coach, Michelle prefers to maintain a low profile and values privacy.

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