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Who is Tia Kemp?

Rick Ross, oneself declared the greatest chief, may appear to control preeminent in his rambling chateau, The Commitment Land, rambling across 105 sections of land. However, nowadays, his ex has been moving forward and taking actions of her own. Tia Kemp, the mother of one of Ross’ youngsters, has been cutting out her way as of late, away from the shadow of Ross’ colossal notoriety. However, who is she, truly?

Tia Kemp isn’t simply one more name in the sensationalist newspapers. She’s been unobtrusively fabricating her standing, away from the charm and marvelousness of Ross’ reality. While Ross partakes at the center of attention, Kemp has been hustling in the background, becoming famous by her own doing.

Without a doubt, she could have been known as Ross’ ex, however, Kemp is far beyond that. She’s been investing the effort, manufacturing her own personality beyond her past relationship. Whether it’s through undertakings, local area work, or simply carrying on with life according to her preferences, Kemp is demonstrating that she’s an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

While Ross might have the title of the greatest chief, don’t misjudge Tia Kemp. She’s been bossing up in her particular manner, and it’s a different time than the present when she gains the appreciation she merits.

Tia Kemp Biography

Tia Kemp, brought into the world in 1987, is an unmistakable figure in American groups of friends, known for her impressive way of life as well as for her pioneering keenness. While she has cut out her own character in the business world, she at first earned respect through her heartfelt association with the eminent craftsman Rick Ross.

As a notable well known person, Tia Kemp stands firm on a critical foothold as the mother of Rick Ross’ young child, William Roberts III. This association with the rapper has without a doubt added to her perceivability in the media and mainstream society. Notwithstanding the termination of their heartfelt friendship, Tia Kemp’s relationship with Rick Ross stays a subject of interest among fans and devotees.

Past her connections to Rick Ross, Tia Kemp has exhibited her ability as an effective finance manager. She has wandered into different ventures, utilizing her foundation and impact to fabricate her image. Through her enterprising undertakings, Kemp has set up a good foundation for herself as something other than a socialite; she is an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the business world.

Notwithstanding the high points and low points of her own life, Tia Kemp’s strength and assurance have radiated through. She has explored the difficulties of popularity and parenthood with effortlessness, arising as a good example for some. Her capacity to offset her public persona with her confidential life is a demonstration of her solidarity and character.

Fundamentally, Tia Kemp is something beyond a commentary in Rick Ross’ story; she is a complex person who keeps on doing great things, both by and by and expertly. Through her accomplishments and tries, she rouses others to seek after their fantasies and embrace their excursion, free of any past affiliations.

Tia Kemp Wiki

NameTia Kemp
Age37 years old
Birth Date1987
Birth PlaceUnited States
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriend NameRick Ross (Ex)
Father’s NameMr. Kemp
Mother’s NameMrs. Kemp
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight58 kg
Net Worth$400,000

Tia Kemp Early Life

Tia Kemp, a striking figure in American culture, entered the world in 1987 in the US. Her careful birthdate stays a secret to the general population, yet it’s realized that she was brought into the world on American soil in 1987. Growing up, Tia was lucky to have the adoration and direction of her folks, who, for protection reasons, are frequently alluded to just as Mr. and Mrs. Kemp in media circles. Regardless of the absence of definite data about her childhood, Tia Kemp has without a doubt become well known through her accomplishments as both an effective financial specialist and an unmistakable socialite.

Tia Kemp Education

Tia Kemp’s scholastic process is very wonderful. She procured her college degree in Visual Expressions and Experimental writing from Eckerd School, exhibiting her enthusiasm for both imaginative articulation and narrating. Expanding upon this establishment, she proceeded with her instructive interests at Seattle College, where she got her Lord of Training (M.Ed.) certification in understudy advancement. Tia’s devotion to her examinations and her obligation to self-awareness have without a doubt added to her outcome in both her expert and individual undertakings.

Tia Kemp Personal Life

Tia Kemp’s heartfelt contribution with the popular rapper Rick Ross is a notable piece of her story. Together, they share a child named William Roberts III, a bond that without a doubt integrates them in spite of any past struggles.

Throughout the long term, Tia Kemp hasn’t avoided the spotlight, particularly with regards to her relationship with Rick Ross. Their public debates have frequently gushed out over into fights in court, including occasions where orders to stop all activities were given, featuring the power of their conflicts.

Yet again as of late, Tia Kemp caused disturbances in the media by charging that Rick Ross had been faithless with Keyshia Ka’Oir, who is the spouse of another unmistakable rapper, Gucci Mane. This allegation push Tia Kemp back into the spotlight, starting hypothesis and further powering the continuous show encompassing her relationship with Rick Ross.

Notwithstanding the disturbance of their past, Tia Kemp stays a tough figure, exploring the intricacies of distinction and individual associations with boldness and assurance. Her ability to talk her reality, even despite discussion, shows her solidarity and versatility as she keeps on exploring the high points and low points of public life.

Tia Kemp Height, Weight

Tia Kemp remains at around 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is roughly 167 centimeters. She keeps a load of around 58 kilograms, generally identical to 128 pounds. Her eyes are a striking shade of dark, supplementing her similarly dim dark hair.

Tia Kemp’s Boyfriend, Husband

Tia Kemp’s excursion with Rick Ross, whose genuine name is William Leonard Roberts II, started back in 2003 when they ran into each other at a club. Their association bloomed into a relationship, and in September 2005, they invited their child, William Roberts III, into the world. Nonetheless, their romantic tale was a long way from going great.

Tia Kemp has transparently blamed Rick Ross for disloyalty and disregard toward their young men. Their wild relationship arrived at a limit in 2007 when Tia made a lawful move, suing Rick for youngster backing and care of their child.

Since their split, Tia Kemp has stayed unmarried, picking rather to zero in on bringing up her child, who is currently 18 years of age. Notwithstanding the difficulties she’s confronted, she’s committed herself to giving a stable and sustaining climate for her youngster.

At this point, Tia hasn’t gone into any new connections following her separation with Rick Ross. Also, she hasn’t affirmed whether she has some other kids other than William Roberts III. Her principal need remains her child’s prosperity as she explores the intricacies of single life as a parent.


In 2024, strains erupted between Rick Ross and his little girl, Toi Roberts, over a house that he had gifted her. Toi, Rick’s oldest youngster and just girl from his relationship with ex Lastonia Lewiston, became a mother in June 2022, making Rick a granddad at 46 years old. To stamp the event, Rick liberally gave Toi and her new kid a sumptuous $1 million home in Florida.

Notwithstanding, their bliss went to struggle when it was found that Toi had forgotten about the home and leased it to a companion without Rick’s assent. This choice rankled Rick, who felt that Toi was being ill bred and unappreciative of his signal. He requested that Toi either get back with her kid or discount the cash he had spent on the house. The conflict heightened, with Toi blaming Rick and his girl for being thankless and problematic.

Then again, Tia Kemp, Rick’s previous accomplice and mother to one of his youngsters, stepped in to protect Toi’s activities. Tia made sense of that Toi had left the house since it was excessively far from her school and family. She explained that Toi had leased the property to a companion out of luck, without benefitting from it herself. Tia firmly declared that the home had a place with Toi, and she reserved each option to settle on choices in regards to its utilization. Moreover, Tia censured Rick for his controlling way of behaving, blaming him for being oppressive and manipulative.

The conflict between Rick, Toi, and Tia stressed their family relationship and earned huge consideration from the media. It featured the intricacies of parent-youngster elements, riches, and individual independence, starting discussions and conversations in both public and confidential circles.

Tia Kemp ​Career

Tia Kemp, a conspicuous American socialite and business visionary, has fabricated areas of strength for an on different virtual entertainment stages. Known for her transparency, she shares parts of her own life, permitting her fans to feel a real association with her.

In the domain of her ex’s vocation, Rick Ross holds a critical impact in present day hip-bounce. As an American rapper and record leader, he significantly affects the business with his unmistakable vocal style and directing presence. Rick Ross is commended for his capacity to paint distinctive pictures through his verses, spellbinding crowds with his narrating ability. His gifts as both a rapper and a record chief have procured him far reaching acknowledgment and profound respect in the music world.

Tia Kemp Net Worth

Tia Kemp has aggregated an expected total assets of around $400,000, exhibiting her own monetary outcome in her undertakings. Notwithstanding, it means a lot to take note of that her sweetheart, Rick Ross, brags a great total assets $150 million. Rick Ross is a multi-layered ability, succeeding as an American rapper, musician, business person, record leader, maker, and Chief.

With Rick Ross’ extensive riches and impact, it’s conceivable that Tia Kemp benefits from being related with a strong and wealthy accomplice. While Tia’s particular wellsprings of abundance may not be commonly known to people in general, her relationship with Rick Ross without a doubt adds a layer of monetary steadiness and opportunity to her life.

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Foundation: Tia Kemp, brought into the world in 1987 in the US, is a notable American socialite and business visionary.

Relationship with Rick Ross: Kemp earned respect because of her past heartfelt association with the famous craftsman Rick Ross. They share a child named William Roberts III.

Virtual Entertainment Presence: Kemp effectively draws in her fans on different web-based entertainment stages, sharing looks at her own life and encounters.

Undertakings: Other than her relationship with Rick Ross, Kemp has wandered into a business venture, securing herself as a fruitful financial specialist.

Legitimate Debates: Kemp has been engaged with public contentions and lawful questions with Rick Ross, including issues in regards to youngster backing and guardianship.

Freedom: Notwithstanding her previous relationship with Rick Ross, Kemp has been effectively producing her way, earning respect past her relationship with the rapper.


Tia Kemp brought into the world in 1987, rose to conspicuousness through her relationship with the popular rapper Rick Ross. Notwithstanding, she has since secured herself as a free figure in American culture. Kemp effectively draws in her fans via virtual entertainment and has wandered into business, displaying her flexibility and assurance. Notwithstanding confronting public struggles and fights in court with Rick Ross, Kemp keeps on cutting out her own personality, separate from her past relationship.


1. What is Tia Kemp’s experience?

Tia Kemp is an American socialite and business visionary brought into the world in 1987 in the US.

2. How did Tia Kemp earn respect?

Kemp earned respect basically through her past heartfelt contribution with the famous rapper Rick Ross.

3. What is Tia Kemp’s total assets?

Tia Kemp has an expected total assets of around $400,000.

4. What is Tia Kemp’s relationship with Rick Ross?

Tia Kemp and Rick Ross share a child named William Roberts III. Notwithstanding their previous relationship, Kemp has been effectively assembling her own character separate from Ross.

5. How does Tia Kemp associate with her fans?

Tia Kemp effectively draws in her fans via virtual entertainment stages, sharing parts of her own life and encounters.

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